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Relaxing Massage and Crystal Therapy in Haute-Vienne & The St Junien area

Crystal Massage
An experience that relaxes and balances body and mind...

Massaging with crystals combines the many physiological and psychlogical benefits of massage with the healing vibrations of crystals and can give an experience that relaxes and balances and envigorates the whole body and the mind.

I will use a combination of crystal massage wands, spheres and palmstones to massage the musculature and to stimulate the points of the meridian system, and the reflex zones of the hands and feet.

I choose crystals to suit a client both on the basis of the individual energetic properties of the crystal, as appropriate to the client's specific needs, and also on the basis of intuitive dowsing.

My ultimate goal in using crystals in massage is to make an improvement in the overall wellbeing of my client, not just in the short term, but aiming for a permament improvement. Working on both the physical, and the mental and spiritual levels, I aim for a lasting effect that will help clients to cope the stress and challenge of life and to deal with them in a relaxed and confident manner.

How Does Crystal Massage Work?

The concept of Crystal Massage is based on the principle that we exist both as a physical, flesh and blood body, and also as an energy field. These two are not separate entities, but are inextricably linked and interdependant on each other.

Whilst exerting physical pressure and manipulation on the musculature and other body tissues, I am also taking advantage of the energetic properties of the crystals that I have selected to work with to regulate and improve the client's energy systems. This is usually done by working along the "Meridians" which are natural pathways along which the energy flows of the body run, and also the "Chakras": a series of energy centres that link the energetic and physical bodies

Crystal Healing